🏅 ENROL your CHILD into Term 1 CODING and ROBOTICS class 🏅

Children make build robots at robotics class
A boy shows his robot at RUNSTEM robotics school
A girl is adjusting her robot and coding robot to complete a challenge
Boys are competing with each other using their battle bots at RUNSTEM robotics class
Coding challenge for children to learn how to code and operate robots
Detailed guide hot to build a robot from robotics kit
Battle bots built by our students at robotics class
A boy is coding his robot to complete a programming challenge

Weekend Robotics Class - Robot Makers - Age Y3 - Y8 – Concord West


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  • The first lesson in Term 1 will commence on the 3rd of February
  • Weekly robotics class for primary school aged children to learn real robotics and coding.

  • Build robots and learn programmable robot coding during every club session.

  • Learn more here
  • Enrol your child today to attend a weekly robotic class at RUNSTEM robotics STEM club in Concord West.

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