Coding Robotics Kit for Kids Step 1 to Learn robot programming and building
Coding Robotics Kit for children Step 1 to Learn robot programming and building
Robot says Hi to new little students who like learning robotics and coding
Kids are building a robot toy from a robotics kit to code it using blocks
Fun books with exercises to learn robotics for kids as well as other important skills for school
Build your own robot and learn other important skills for school

Educational Robot Toy - STEM Robotics Kit - Beginner Level 1 - Age 3-5 years old


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  • The best educational product you can think of for your child.
  • It is one of the most innovative products for kids to learn robotics at yearly ages
  • A product is a combination of learning program and a robotics kit
  • A program contains many important exercises to learn and develop creativitylogical thinking, computational logic, colours, patterns, develop fine motor skills
  • Robot has been designed for kids with the intent to make the process of building and programming easy to understand and use
  • There are multiple projects a kid will be able to build. So it is not just one robot but a platform for building and creating robots and machines
  • Robot might look like a toy robot however it is actually an educational STEM platform with real electronics inside
What's included?
  • Colourful parts to assemble robots
  • Beautiful kids friendly screwdriver
  • LEDs
  • Motors and wheels
  • Battery processing block
  • Detailed and colourful assembly guide


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