RUNSTEM Robotics Playgroup 3 - 5 years old
Morning Robotics Playgroup Class - Robot Newbies - School Preparation
Small robotics playgroups for kids to learn important school skills
Kids will be building robots and learn STEM, logical thinking, communications and team work

Morning Robotics Playgroup Class - Robot Newbies - School Preparation


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  • The first robotics learning class in a format of a play group in Term 3 will commence on the 27th of July.
  • It is a robotics playgroup class to learn and develop important skills required at school and life: logical thinking, fine motor skills, understanding colours and surfaces, basic logical thinking, understanding cause and effect, following instructions, communication, technology, basic coding logic and of course fun and play
  • Recommended age is 4-5 years old, great for preschoolers and young smarties, however it depends on a child and 3 year old are welcome as well
  • The format is a robotics open playground for kids of preschool age to play and learn
  • Many fun activities, play, socialising, cognitive development, robots and robots challenging activities for preschoolers
  • Small groups of max 6 kids (accompanied by mum/dad, nanny or granny/grandpa)
  • IMPORTANT: Parent/guardian stays with a kid, assists him/her building robots as well as socialises with other parents/guardian
  • Enrol your child today to join RUNSTEM robotics playgroup in Chatswood.

  • There are 9 classes per School Term.
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