Robotics kit Step 1 robotics projects to learn building and coding robots
A boy is using robotics kit to build and code a robot to learn robotics and STEM
A girl is testing a robot she has build using Makers Step 1 robotics kit
Sensing robot built from Makers Robotics Kit to learn how to use and code IR sensors
Detailed guides help to learn about robots and how to use robotics kit to build robot from scratch
Robot coding challenges are essential part of every guide because it is important to challenge yourself with complex programming assignments

Educational Robot - Robotics Kit - Makers Step 1 - Age 8+


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  • This kit is the best option for children and adults wishing to start learning real robotics
  • With this robotics kit children and adults will be able to learn engineering robots, programming robots and practice to participate in competitions
  • Each kit contains parts and sensors required to assemble multiple robotics projects
  • A program contains many important exercises to learn engineering, coding and robotics, logical thinking, creativity and design
  • It is a real electronics and not a toy. However, the robot was designed for educational purposes and therefore easy to assemble
  • Multiple coding tasks and challenges make the process of learning very engaging and systematic
  • Supports Windows platform (Apple is not supported)

What's included?

  • Programmable CPU block
  • Multiple sensors
  • Motors and wheels
  • Supports, frames, nuts and bolts
  • Screwdrivers (cross-tip and hexagon)
  • USB connector
  • Cables, extenders
  • Detailed assembly guide and coding challenges
  • Compatible with Windows (not supported on Apple)


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  • 6 months warranty on robotics kits
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