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Children make build robots at robotics class
Children participate in a robotics challenge  at robotic club
A girl is adjusting her robot and coding robot to complete a challenge
A boy is sittin on the floor and looks at his programmable robot completing a challenge at RUNSTEM robotics class
Theory about mechanism and processes humans use in robotics engineering
Coding challenge for children to learn how to code and operate robots
Robitics club to learn building robots, coding a robot and robot design

After School Robotics Class - Robot Makers - Level 1 - Age Y3 - Y7 – Chatswood


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  • Join age is school Y3 - Y7.
  • The first lesson in Term 2 will commence on 7th of May.
  • Choose Level 1 if your child is joining Robot Makers Course for the first time.
  • Choose Level 2 if your child finished 2+ terms of Robot Makers Course.
  • Weekly robotics class for primary, middle and high school aged children to learn robots and coding.
  • All activities are in a club format where more experienced students share knowledge with less experienced. New students are able to see what they can achieve as they progress. This approach allows keep students motivation high as well as teach them teamwork, collaboration and communications.
  • Always NEW levels and more complex assignments EVERY TERM. Up to 6 LEVELS (or 20 TERMS) plus competitions preparation. The last level is a UNI LEVEL. 😊
  • Build robots and learn programmable robot coding during every club session.
  • Enrol your child today to attend weekly robotic class at RUNSTEM robotics club in Chatswood.
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