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RUNSTEM STEM Solutions for Schools and OOSH

RUNSTEM Educator explains to a student how to code a game and shows some robots 

RUNSTEM is successfully running coding and robotics education programs across Sydney for children (from toddlers to Y11). Camps, term classes, online on demand education by RUNSTEM help children to fit into the stream of STEM. 

Well organized educational process based on latest achievements in science and technology helps children to progress at their own speed. The field of STEM is enormous. RUNSTEM organized all steps to proceed with. All programs include personalised tasks to fit individual level. All hardware, as laptops and tablets, is provided during the classes/camps (for online you may purchase them from runstem.com.au or elsewhere). Students are welcome to use their own laptops if they wish so.


Annual national competitions meant to increase passion in STEM and built a stimulus to develop further.

Teachers can get acquainted with STEM on RUNSTEM meetups and workshops.

Workshops and upskilling for teachers to learn STEM coding robotics

RUNSTEM has a school phone and online support to answer questions.RUNSTEM ongoing support of all educational solutions and robotics kits Schools and educational centres benefit from running RUNSTEM programs. RUNSTEM offers structured educational program for coding, robotics and VR STEM systems. You can design your own virtual lab to perform STEM activities for children, teachers and employees.

If you have any queries, call us us or send us a message from website or in socials and one of our friendly staff members will help you to take a decision.