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RUNSTEM Brain Training Classes - More Info

RUNSTEM and Neeuro Partner to help children, adults and seniors fight mental disabilities and train mental strength and flexibility

Why training your brain could be more important than anything else?

RUNSTEM made a decision to move even further in teaching STEM and launched a unique program in partnership with Neeuro in order to help children, adults and seniors to improve and sharpen their cognitive skills. The recent statistics shows the following trends become obvious:

  • Focusing on one thing becomes an issue
  • Ineffective use of memory
  • Problems with attention
  • Hard to study well and digest information quickly
  • ADHD

We believe all these are consequences of huge amounts of data, external distractors and technological progress. It looks like a part of humans’ evolution however to able to respond we need to train and practice our mental skills.

What is Neeuro?

Neeuro is the latest innovation in brain-sensing technology which is now available for everyone.

It is a Neeuro’s SenzeBand and Memorie app.

Cognitive skill training for kids to practice focusing, attention, memory and brain effectivity


The SenzeBand accurately detects brain signals when worn and translates them into a feedback and data which you can analyse to improve and take actions. You take part in different challenges and it looks like you are playing games on a tablet or phone. However, what you actually do, is a hard and very intensive mental training.

Application to play games and train your cognitive skills like memory, focus, attention

These trainings can improve cognitive functions and produce academic success for children and adults, reduce the speed of cognitive decline for seniors. Think of it as a mental wellness or fitness class.

What does the class look like?

  1. Total 1 hour per week.
  2. Assessments and reports every quarter.
  3. Each 1 hour session consist of:
  • 10 mins of Introduction
  • 50 mins of Brain Training

Just like physical exercise, the more consistent the user does it, the better the results.

Analytics of students cognitive trainings achievements and  further learning path suggestions

We are also selling Neeuro bands. Please, contact us here to express your interest, call us 0423700630 or 0422909300 or send email at hello@runstem.com.au