Robotics Class - Robot Makers - Age Y3 - Y8 - More Info

Our Robot Makers will learn how to build robots and clever machines, learn robots programming in a kids’ friendly visual block based environment, learn about electronics, electrical circuits, sensors, apply mathematical thinking.

Our program has been carefully developed for children by STEAM robotics and coding educators from leading robotics educational institution. You may check below how detailed and properly organised all materials are.

 Robotic project description Detailed guide hot to build a robot from robotics kit Theory about mechanism and processes humans use in robotics engineering Coding challenge for children to learn how to code and operate robots


As your child progresses, our teachers will be offering him/her more complex projects and assignments to learn how to use robots in real life as well as prepare themselves for robotics and coding competitions. All programming assignments are performed in a visual programming environment compatible with Windows laptops, Android and iOS (Apple) tablets.

Robots programming environment to code robots to perform various instructions to solve problems and complete challenges 


We use real electronics adopted for children. It is not a toy.

Children develop logical thinking, mathematical skills, imagination. They learn various applications of robots in everyday life.

This is the first serious step into a robotics field. And it’s not only about robotics. It is also about creativity, innovative and logical thinking, competitions, robotics quests and missions.


If you still have questions, grab your phone and call us us or send us a message from website or via socials and one of our friendly team members will help you to take a decision.

Boys are programming robots to solve logical problem at RUNSTEM robotic class