Robotics Class - Robot Experts - Age Y7 – Y12 - More Info

This level is crafted to concentrate on preparing for competitions, include more sophisticated coding assignments and challenges, more complex projects.

 Advanced robotics curicullum for Robot Experts class Complex project include sophisticated coding assignments and robotic algorithms More complex coding assignments at robotics Robot Expert class More complex robotics projects include many new sensors you need to code


Additional sensors and parts are used to cater more complex algorithms and computational logic. After completing this level children will feel very comfortable even with a university robotics courses and assignments.

RUNSTEM team is also happy to assist our students in building science projects which they may present at their school science fests and competitions.

If you have any queries, call us us or send us a message from website or in socials and one of our friendly staff members will help you to take a decision.

Children are working on a complex coding assignment at RUNSTEM robotics club