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RUNSTEM coding and robotics school for kids team invites you to join our cool journey

Are you interested and passionate about innovation and technologies? Do you love working with children? Do you want to be a part of building our future progressive generation? 

Here @RUNSTEM we love technologies, we are passionate about coding, computers, robots, programming, engineering design ideas, science, problem solving and creative thinking. We love teaching kids. We want to turn children from consumers of technology into inventive creators. We aim to equip children with the skills essential in the 21st century.  

If you share our ideas, RUNSTEM is a great place for you. We look for like-minded people who would be happy to join our team and share our vision and passion. If you look for a part-time position, flexibility and great rewards then drop us a line careers@runstem.com.au or connect via socials.