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About Us

Our Story

​We are building the future progressive generation by educating children, revealing and supporting their natural creative and innovative way of thinking. 

RUNSTEM is a great place to learn how to code, engineering, science and maths. We believe it can be a real fun to discover this amazing world. 

RUNSTEM strongly believes the 21st century children will need all the skills they can learn with us. We aim to help kids in understanding coding, technology, science and turn them from consumers of technology into inventive creators.  

Here @RUNSTEM we are passionate about innovation and want to invite everyone to join us in the journey into the world of coding, computers, robots, programming, engineering design ideas, science, problem solving and creative thinking. 

RUNSTEM thinks every child is unique and gifted and can become the next Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. What is very important is helping your kid find her or his way and passion in life, discover kid’s potential. 

We aim to equip children with knowledge they can use in their everyday life at home and when studying at school. That is why while working on our programmes we follow the recommendations of Australian curriculum for a particular age and grade. 

RUNSTEM runs STEM. RUNSTEM is where children are inspired to learn programming, how to code a robot, engineering, science, maths and inventive analytical thinking. Joins us, run RUNSTEM, explore and have fun with us!