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Concord West Coding and Robotics Classes

RUNSTEM coding and robotics school for kids and teens offers a variety of after school and weekend weekly classes to learn coding and robotics, develop logical thinking and STEM skills.
Build various robots projects, learn how to code a robot, take part in robotics challenges, program your first own game or learn how to code 2D animations in Scratch Coding Class, code  your own mobile phone app and mobile phone games in our App Development Class.

Our Robotics Classes are the best for your child to obtain important skill and learn robotics, how robots work and how to write a code for robots. Younger kids will be using a brick based robotics toy alike platform and learn basics of robot coding using interactive system. Older students will complete robotics projects and coding challenges using a more sophisticated platform using a real robotic kit which is not a toy. 
Choose the best option that fits your child’s age and level of experience and join our Coding Classes and Robotics Classes in Concord West to acquire important STEM skills.

Club Address in Concord West: 378 Concord Road, Concord West, NSW 2138

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