🏅TERM 1 Classes Enrolments are open. New activities and levels!!!🏅

Children are building robots using RUNSTEM robotics kits
Boys are testing their moto robots
Children participate in a robotic challenge during robotics class
Robotics class project
Robotic challenges and games for kids to learn robotic logic and programming

After School Robotics Class - Robot Explorers - Age K - Y3 – Concord West


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  • The first lesson in Term 1 will commence on 5th of February.
  • Beginners level robotic class for kids to learn robotics and coding.
  • Children will learn how to make robots and understand robotics programming logic.
  • Always NEW levels and more complex assignments EVERY TERM. Up to 4 LEVELS/TERMS
  • Learn More here.
  • Enrol your child today to join RUNSTEM robotics club in Concord West and participate in a weekly robotics class.


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