Why should you send your children to coding and robotics school to learn how to code and build robots?

Weekly robotics classes and camps to build and program a robot  
Have you heard about Bill Gates initiative to tax robots in the US? Many of you will probably think it is a joke but it is actually not. It is quite serious. Robots take over humans jobs.
The digital revolution is just happening these days. And it looks like programming is already a new must have skill. Without coding it becomes harder and harder to find a good job. Some people claim coding becomes a new blue collar thing. Clerks, accountants, managers jobs already require a basic programming skills.
And very soon our kids will face the new reality when there will be robots substituting humans in execution of simple tasks. Programming will be the only language to communicate with robots and digital human assistants.
Recall, 20 years ago when computers were substituting calculators, paper work, journals and folders, all office workers has been retraining to be able to continue working in a new computerised environment. All professionals, who were able to adopt and learn, secured their jobs and continued growing.
Today we face a new wave of progress. A new generation will be performing less and less routine work and more and more creative work. Innovators, able to communicate with robots and other clever machines, will be required in 10 to 20 years time.
Think of coding and robotics as of learning a new international language every person can speak. We don’t need to tax robots but rather learn how to “speak” their language – the language of programming.
So learning how to code becomes as essential and necessary as learning how to read and write. And the sooner your child starts with it the better and more secure future he or she will have.

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