Why RUNSTEM school can be proud of black hole image news?

 Black hole image we showed students at robotics and coding school

You have probably heard these amazing and exciting news about the first ever real images of black holes published recently. If not, then you may follow this link to read about it a little bit here.

The astronomers called a black hole image “the gates of Hell”. Why? Because in simple words nothing can return back when reaches the gates or as scientists call it “the event horizon”. The image itself is not that impressive but it proofs the theories and models the humanity created to understand world are practical. Another impressive fact is that humans were able to achieve it only by uniting efforts and building a telescope of the Earth size.

So why RUNSTEM is so proud? There is a very curious fact about the discovery. This could not happen if a grad student Katie Bouman did not create her algorithm and coded it.

So, effectively, she has created a program to help capture this image. When we look at students at our school, we think of them as of Katie. As one of our teachers said:

“One day this boy and girl will invent something and I would be proud I was teaching her or him to code and build robots. I do not think of what we are doing as a standalone thing. We plant the seeds today to grow them tomorrow. Let’s give them time and they will grow and impress us”.

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