Why mixing programming, electronics and robotics is beneficial for students?

At RUNSTEM we constantly mix different technologies and introduce them to our students. During our camps and classes children learn programming, 3D Game design, electronics, robotics and many more.

Why do we believe that this is beneficial and efficient learning approach? 

First of all, in our everyday life we use a lot of gadgets which are the result of hard work of professionals from different areas. So, children learn not only how to use smart gadgets but how to create them. To be able to do that they have to understand it on all levels, to understand everything what is involved in their production. 

Secondly, robotics - is our future. Robots will be around us shortly. To invent a new robot you should think about the purpose, hardware design and software. And that's what RUNSTEM students are doing during robotics classes. They think about why we need the robot first, then they assemble it and program it in the end. So, anyway you have to do this mix to achieve your goal. 

Last but not least, any professional engineer should be able to use and program any electronics she or he has at home to resolve an issue. Problem solving skill is extremely important nowadays. One of our students wanted to play his favourite game with a gamepad  but there was no controller in the class. So, we provided him a micro:bit and advised to program it for use as a joystick. And guess what?  He did it successfully.

Our students enjoy mixing different technologies during RUNSTEM classes and we are happy to provide our students with the latest inventions. 

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