Why everyone interested in Coding, Robotics and STEM should attend EduTech Expo in Sydney this week?


Director and Founder of RUNSTEM Milena at EduTech Expo in Sydney ICC

My Facebook feed is full of EduTech Expo ads and I hope yours as well. If not then you may visit their web site to get your FREE PASS. Isn’t it great?!

You may ask why you should attend Expo and spend your time on it. So we have decided to share some of our photos and impressions from the Expo we attended last year. This year Expo promises to be even smarter, bigger and more impressive as it seems each year EduTech adds and adds more. 😊

So what we liked last time?

First of all, there were many cool workshops and displays to learn robotics and coding like this one:

Robotics challenges to teach making and coding robots at EduTech Expo

Stands were amazing and we loved a stand of our educational partner Microsoft most of all:

Microsoft Coding and Robotics stand at EduTech Expo to share experiences

Microsoft had a huge Minecraft zone which attracted many Minecraft lovers and video games coding fans. We spent there lots of time because RUNSTEM uses Minecraft a lot in our educational programs. We could share our experience in teaching coding with educators from Microsoft Minecraft Sydney team:

Minecraft Microsoft stand for students and educators to learn more about Minecraft and share their coding stories

 Microsoft also had a microbit display where we spent another 20 minutes because microbit and Block editor are a part of RUNSTEM curriculum as well. We were happy to share our experience and were happy to hear RUNSTEM team was one of the most progressive here:

Microbit connected to a laptop is programmed to show a pattern

There were cool displays organised by NSW Government and we could not resist to take a picture of their wonderful banner. I think I look perfect in a company of robots, am I?

Milena next to the NSW Government signage promoting robotics and STEM at Australian  schools

There were robots like this:

Dinosaur bricks robot at EduTech expo display

And robots like that:

Robots at EduTech Expo to learn robotics and programming for middle and high school students

All kinds of robots:

Two robots are resting peacefully near the stand at EduTech Expo after high school students finished with coding

And this one looked great with a Google signage floating in the air behind him:

Robot is waving his hands with Google signage floating in the air behind

 I also liked these hats and bulbs display:

Hats and bulbs display at EduTech Expo focuses on growing minds, creativity in coding, exploration and out of the box thinking

Because it reminded me RUNSTEM logo :)))) :

RUNSTEM Robotics and Programming school logo

There are so many things to see at EduTech Expo. And if all these can’t still convince you to come, then there is one more reason. RUNSTEM is exhibiting at Expo this year. We have prepared surprises, lotteries, freebies for participants and lots of fun at stand S14. So, get your free ticket, come and visit us this week. Hope to see you all at our Expo stand soon!

RUNSTEM EduTech 2018 Expo Stand S14 or message us on FB @runstem

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