Why does it worth attending RUNSTEM school holidays coding and robotics camps?

School holidays camps start this week and we still have a couple of spots available in Concord West and Chatswood.

We set the goal to deliver knowledge and focus on teaching children real things. Our camps are not an exclusion here. Whether its robotics or coding, your child will be able to learn a lot, complete number of projects and acquire important skills.

Why are we so confident our camps are the best? First of all we have passionate educators. All of them are industry professionals who spent years in industry and now want to make a change and teach children knowledge they can’t learn at school and very often even at university.

We try to make our camps affordable and also make the working hours convenient for parents who work hard. We have signed an agreement with educational robotics company and offer a 2 day robotics program with a robot (you take it home) at a price of most of robotics programs in the region without a robot included into a package. Isn’t it cool?

We have a small size of a class. The maximum number of students in each class is 10. Tell us of any other code or robotics camps that have less kids in a class than we have and we will give you a 20% discount on any of our holidays programs. Why is it important? Because the less children are in the class the more attention your child receives, the more he/she learns, the less stressed is your child and the happier he/she is.

What’s also important is a positive feedback parents provide us after the camp. They say they attended some other coding camps or robotics camps but their children never had that much of attention and achieved that much in just one or two days.

Your child will love our school holidays camps, he/she will learn a lot and you will see what it is possible to achieve in just one day.

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