Why do we really need more programming and robotics classes for kids?

Kids learn how to code and build a robot   
Today there are a lot of activities for kids in a technological space. It is awesome that today children may attend coding and robotics classes and learn such amazing things we were not able to believe would become a reality when we were kids. Some time ago my elder son attended a Robo camp, it was exciting my child was able to spend two days playing with robots, learning how to manipulate them, build robots and design simple procedures they may perform.
When he came home I asked my child what he learned about robots and coding, what the examples could be where the humans may use robots, what could be improved by means of robots. Unfortunately, he was not able to tell me that and I noticed there was no discussion about any of those questions but he learned that a better designed and trained robot could win the battle.
While there were lots of fun, games, robots’ fights, as a caring parent of two boys and a person with a solid background in technologies, I must admit there is still lots of space for improvements in coding, robotics and science classes and we need more classes with more options for our children. Below are some of my ideas we as parents and teachers should concentrate on while teaching kids technology and science:
  • Solving problems, making decisions, asking questions, building plans, evaluating ideas, organizing information. All skills above are a part of a very powerful and integral type of skill set - Thinking skills
  • The other important skill is an ability to Innovate and be an Innovator. Effectively it is the ability to apply knowledge and technology to different areas of our life making it easier, better and more efficient. It is also a vision and ability to generate breakthrough insights. 
  • One more important thing is understanding technology and turning from consumers of technology into creators, who know and understand how to use it properly and efficiently. We already live in the digital age and understanding the basics becomes essential requirement when applying for jobs.
  • In order to be able to innovate the right side of a brain has to be activated which is responsible for irrational and creative thinking. Fortunately, there is a simple way to boost creativity and switch on the right side brain centers. It can be achieved by incorporating art, design and play into programming, robotics, science, engineering classes.
  • Also, real life application is very important, as there is no sense to teach kids technologies without giving them the knowledge how to use it in real life.
  • And it is extremely important to use a multidisciplinary approach, when kids are making projects using knowledge from different disciplines and different spheres of life.
I strongly believe there should be even more classes for children teaching programming, robotics, engineering, science and maths, classes where children will be able to not only learn a pure coding or take part in robots’ fights but learn to be innovators, understand how to use programming, robots and technology in everyday life, develop thinking skills, learn communication and socializing working on multidisciplinary projects.

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