Why did we decide to build the 21th century school?

Affordable RUNSTEM classes for all students to learn programming, robotics and another STEM skills


Have you ever heard about Elon Musk’s school Ad Astra? He decided to open a school for his kids as he was not happy with the way children were taught at school. The main thing Elon did not like was the way his kids learned problem solving. Effectively instead of teaching problem solving and learning working on projects schools teach tools required to manage problems and the way of thinking.



Unfortunately, today teachers and educators should follow recommendations of education departments and ministries across the globe. It limits their freedom to teach what is required in the modern world.

It is hard to accept the fact current system still reflects the requirements of industrial age not digital age. Schools remind me assembling lines where children with different abilities, passions and talents follow same learning paths depending only on their age. And we all see that one size fits all approach does not work anymore. More and more parents decide to switch to home based schooling or help their children to acquire modern skills and knowledge by sending them to alternative or complimentary education programs.

When RUNSTEM  had just started we were thinking of filling the STEM skills gap. Our main aim was to teach children coding, robotics, electronics and other STEM subjects. As we grew bigger and received more and more feedback from parents we realized most of them were looking for alternative school where their children would be able to learn many important skills such as:

  • Working on Real Life Projects
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration with different people
  • Negotiating
  • Leadership and Team work
  • Effective communication

Effectively, parents were asking to teach their children STEM subjects and blend it with teaching skills above.

That’s why we have decided to move towards an alternative school for children in 2018. We have an amazing team of tech professionals, we also have amazing support from European psychologists and education methodologists. Altogether we are working on an alternative STEM school and unique curriculums. We look for the best technologies and partnerships and already work with amazing education solutions providers. Our aim is to make our school affordable for as many children as it could be possible which makes our goal even harder to achieve. However, we believe we are moving into the right direction and building the basis for the future education.

We hope we may change the current system and give our children and next generation what they ask, what is required and what is important.

If you are an industry professional, educator or teacher, we would like to hear from you. What do you think about our initiative? What could you advise and share? Do you or your organisation would like to connect and participate in building our alternative school?

Don’t hesitate and share what you think and emails us if you want at hello@runstem.com.au.

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