Where do we use robots?

Where do we use robots

Actually, there are so many applications of robots and robotics. It can be a robotics toy or a very complex robot performing very sophisticated steps. Lest have a look at a couple of examples.

Robots can help around a house. You, probably, have heard or even had a robot vacuum cleaner.  These robots can clean your home floor without yourself doing this hard work. Excellent application of robotics, isn’t it?

Robots are used to control autonomous or driverless cars. Tired driving or want to read a book while commuting to work. These types of robots will help you. Robotics vision is used in vehicles to control speed, turn and avoid collision.

Robots help to human with work in extreme environments. Robots live and explore Mars, they can fight with a fire and dive into the deepest parts of ocean.

Robots can work as teachers or teacher assistants. They can quickly look for facts in internet and answer you questions almost immediately.

Do you know of any other cool robots applications? Let us know in comments.


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