Where can a parent check when school holidays start in NSW?

Kids enjoy robotics camp over school holiday camps in NSW

Many parents ask RUNSTEM when school holidays start. There are also so many questions when the school term ends and starts. We understand you want to plan your holidays vacations beforehand and find the best school holidays program for your child.

Many parents work hard and multiple vocation care programs like ours are a huge help during school holiday break.

So, we have decided to help you and provide you with some links to official sources to check when school holidays start in NSW. We will also update you on the school term start and end dates.

The best source with the most reliable information is a web site of NSW government. This link contains all required information and school term and school holidays calendars.

Below is a quick overview of school vacations in NSW in 2019:

2019 NSW vacation dates (source: https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/going-to-a-public-school/calendars).):

Autumn – Monday 15 April to Friday 26 April

Winter – Monday 8 July to Friday 19 July

Spring – Monday 30 September to Friday 11 October

Summer (Eastern division) – Monday 23 December 2019 to Monday 27 January 2020

Summer (Western division) – Monday 23 December 2019 to Monday 3 February 2020

Don’t miss a date and if you have not decided on a school holiday program for your kid yet, then check some options like Minecraft camp, robotics camp or coding camp in Chatswood below:


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