🏅 ENROL your CHILD into Term 1 CODING and ROBOTICS class 🏅

What To Do During Spring School Holidays: Activities And Camps at RUNSTEM In Sydney

RUNSTEM School Holidays Camps to learn coding, robotics and electronics
RUNSTEM Team has great news! We will be running number of very cool coding and robotics full day workshops during the upcoming Spring School Holidays.
So what have we prepared for your children this time?
We will be running our favourite and very popular Kodu 3D Game Programming 2 days camp. It is a great camp to learn the basics of video game design and visual programming. Children will be able to build their first 3D Video Game in just a couple of hours and play this game with their friends or parents.
The next great 2 days camp we are introducing this time is Robot Makers. It is perfect introduction into Robotics, robots building and programming. And we have prepared something great for all participants. Every participant of our Robot Makers camps will get his/her own robotics Kits which she/he may take home in the end of the camp. Isn’t it great? 😊
What’s next? We will be running 2 days Minecraft Game Programming camp where kids and teens will be able to learn programming while building and cooperating with their friends in one of the most popular environments among children today. We will be using a special Educational edition crafted for educators to teach kids coding, logical thinking, STEM and develop creativity.
The next great 2 days camp is for those who love technology, gadgets, programming or want to learn more about it. We will be teaching children Electronics Programming and use one of the best technology developed by educators and BBC in the UK called micro:bit. Children will be programming smart gadgets and learn programming games.
And there will be a day for Scratch and Scratch Coding Experience camp which is great for anyone who would like to meet with a cool scratch cat and learn how to create animations and program 2D games.
We are very excited to start our camps and meet all our friends and fans to teach them new technologies and boost interest in STEM. Are you planning to join us?