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What Kids Say about Our Coding Classes?

RUNSTEM kids learn how to code animations and program 3D games
Here at RUNSTEM we have decided to start publishing what kids say during our programming lessons. Children are so positive and inspiring and we believe adults have a lot to learn from kids. We have summarized one of the best kids’ quotes. So here they are:
“It is super, super, suuuuuuper COOOOOOL!”
“Wow wow wow, I can’t believe I did it! It moves, it turns and jumps. Tell me what else I can do?”
“I was a game player, but now I am a CREATOR!”
“I want to attend your lessons FO-RE-VER. Tell me, is it possible?”
“Could you invite even more children to your programming classes? I would like to make even more coding friends.”
“May I take your laptop home. I want to improve my game. I will bring a laptop next time.”
“The lesson is OVER? Mum, can you wait for at least 5 minutes, pleeeeease?”
Hope it made you smile. We will keep publishing what kids say during the programming and robotics lessons, camps and workshops to share the positive emotions with you.