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What is robotics and educational robotics?

What is robotics and educational robotics for kids

Many parents are asking us when making enquiries about classes for kids to tell them a little bit about robotics and robots used for education. So we have decided to shed some light on it.

Robotics itself is a multidisciplinary branch of science and includes many aspects and knowledge of engineering, coding, human machine interaction, mathematics and logic, design and much more. Robots became essential part of our lives and help humans to live better for a while.

Robots are good doing monotonous and dangerous work and they never get tired. Robots don’t feel and don’t stress unless we code a robot to do it.

Robotics is our future as robots will be used everywhere. Even today it is hard to find an industry where humans don’t try to build a robot to reduce the amount of unnecessary monotonous work.

Educational robotics is an element of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) framework. Because robotics is a multidisciplinary science it is a perfect way to teach kids mathematics, critical and logical thinking, science, design, creativity and even entrepreneurship. Robotics for kids is and amazing way to engage students to learn science and make the process of learning fun.

During robotics class students learn how to build robots to solve problems. It is a very creative process. Then children code a robot to solve a challenge. Challenges are sort of cool maths games. Students learn to think independently and apply their knowledge. If your child likes riddles, puzzles or mathematics games then robotics is what he/she will definitely enjoy. More of it, as the usage of robots will only increase; these skills will become a valuable asset no matter which career path children choose. This should not be only in STEM field or involve coding or building robots.

If you are interested in participating in RUNSTEM robotics program then check our robotics clubs:

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