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5 Major Technology Trends in Modern Education

5 Major Technology Trends in Modern Education
This is a series of short videos captured at Sydney Game Engine Developers (Sydney, Australia) Event hosted by Wargaming. RUNSTEM Educator and Co-Founder Andrei will speak about Education Gamification. In the first video, Andrei gives and overview of technology trends in Educuation: Cloud, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Analytics and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Gamification.

5 Cool Things To Do On A Budget During School Holidays

RUNSTEM Team shares ideas what to do with kids during school holidays
As a mum of two boys I know how challenging it could be to keep your kids busy especially during school holidays. 😉 So I have decided to share som...

Why should you send your children to coding and robotics school to learn how to code and build robots?

Weekly robotics classes for kids and teens to build and program a robot
   Have you heard about Bill Gates initiative to tax robots in the US? Many of you will probably think it is a joke but it is actually not. It is ...

Why should children start with visual programming to learn how to code?

RUNSTEM kids learn how to code animations and program 3D games
     As a parent and STEAM educator I questioned myself what should be the best way for kids to start learn how to code. There are many options fo...

Kids meet Robots and Learn how to Code

6 years old kid learns how to program a robot
   6 years old Yegor is excited to learn how to program a robot. It's easy to start and kids just can't stop exploring every function. Yegor keeps...

Why do we really need more programming and robotics classes for kids?

RUNSTEM Kids learn how to code and build a robot in Sydney
    Today there are a lot of activities for kids in a technological space. It is awesome that today children may attend coding and robotics classe...

RUNSTEM Official Launch

RUNSTEM Programming and Robotics School in Sydney
As an ex-SAP consultant, soccer mum and woman in tech I am very excited to say it officially. I am starting my own business in technological and ...