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RUNSTEM Spring School Holidays Camps broke the record - over 300 ROBOTS built and coded!!!

RUNSTEM  robotics STEM school partners with ROBOROBO and builds over 300 robots

We are happy to announce great and very impressive news! Students who took part in RUNSTEM spring robotics school holidays programmes have built and programmed OVER 300 ROBOTS in just 2 weeks to celebrate our partnership with ROBOROBO in Australia! Isn’t it impressive?!

Building robots involves lots of patience and attention. The complexity of coding challenges increases as our robotics students build more complex robot projects.

How does a process look like?

  • Understanding robot design and application
  • Building robots basic models and programming them
  • Improving and upgrading basic robot’s models with any cool ideas
  • Coding, coding and again coding
  • Challenges, competitions and well deserved fun!

We are happy to share some of our impressions. Don’t forget to share our blog with your friends, so that next school holidays we can build even more robots and teach even more children robotics and coding.

So let's have a look at some impressions:

 Children are listening RUNSTEM teachers explaining about robotics and robots engineering

 Cool robots are waiting for fun time:

ROBOROBO kits are perfect to build robots and learn programming

 RUNSTEM robotics STEM educators are surrounded by curious minds:

RUNSTEM runs a robotics workshop for 200 kids to teach them robotics and coding STEM skills

Kids as young as 5 years old were able to build and program cool robots as well:

Students as young as 5 years old can build and code their own robots using ROBOROBO kits

And the older students were taking part in robotics battles to showcase their programming and robotics engineering skills.

Now it is a robot battle time over a robotics school holidays camps

Loved it? Interested?

Then share what RUNSTEM does with your school or OOSH (after school care) and we may arrange Robotics STEM club for you child and his friends. And if you do not want to wait then book your spot at one of our locations for term class or next school holidays!

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