🏅 ENROL your CHILD into Term 1 CODING and ROBOTICS class 🏅

RUNSTEM Official Launch

RUNSTEM Programming and Robotics School in Sydney
As an ex-SAP consultant, soccer mum and woman in tech I am very excited to say it officially. I am starting my own business in technological and educational space. I know it is just a beginning of this amazing and challenging journey and I feel very confident it will be a success. I have been preparing for it for the whole last year and think I have a lot to share with this world and especially with young Australians.
I hope that in Australia, the country where women have so many options for professional development, I will be able to achieve my goals and what is more important build something valuable for the next generations of people.
I am starting with educational programmes and classes in programming, robotics, science, maths, art, creativity and innovative thinking. I have so many ideas and some of them are really unique not only for Australia but for the whole world.
Follow me and my company RUNSTEM in a very exiting journey, a journey that may change this world. As here at RUNSTEM we are building the future progressive generation by educating children, revealing and supporting their natural creative and innovative way of thinking.