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Apply for NSW creative kids vouchers and save 100$ on your next holidays camp, coding class, robotics class.

RUNSTEM Classes with $100 Creative Kids Vouchers

We are happy to share with you great news.
Now you may use Creative Kids Vouchers to attend RUNSTEM Robotics and Coding Classes.
Creative Kids is a new NSW Government initiative. NSW parents, guardians and carers of young people can apply for a $100 creative kids voucher to use for creative and cultural learning activities outside of the school curriculum.

RUNSTEM increased the number of classes this year. We have lots of band new coding, robotics and brain training classes. We have prepared many challenges and amazing projects for our students.

RUNSTEM amazing educators are happy to teach your children how to design and code a game in the Coding Classes, to create their own App on Android in the App Development class, to build and program robots in the Robotics Classes for different ages, to train cognitive skills, memory and attention in Brain Training Class. RUNSTEM is a great place to learn programming and robotics.

And again you may apply for a voucher using a link: Creative Kids Voucher

Once you applied for a $100 creative kids voucher you need to send us ( hello@runstem.com.au ) the following information to use it for RUNSTEM Classes and Camps:

⭐️ Student's Full Name
⭐️ Voucher Number (16 digits)
⭐️ Location where your child will be attending the class (Concord West or Chatswood)
⭐️ Class Day and Time
⭐️ Amount you want to use (max $100)
⭐️ Student’s Date of Birth

 See you in the class 😊


  • Do you conduct Lego Robotics classes? If yes, do you conduct them in Schofields?

  • Hello
    My son Nikolas does coding on saturday morning with you at Concord
    Are u having any robotic classes in concord during the holidays?


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