Can learning STEM be fun?

RUNSTEM students design robots at STEM class to learn coding and how robots work

I have been thinking whether to publish this blog or not. And if you are reading it, then it means I made decision to publish it and share these thoughts with you.

Can learning STEM be fun? Can learning robotics, coding, mathematics, engineering or technology be fun?


The answer is not that simple is it may seem. My answer is YES. Yes, coding, robotics, mathematics and anything else can be fun. However, you start enjoying it and it becomes real fun when you worked hard and invested enough time to build a solid basis.

Just think now of all your experiences. Let’s first think of learning how to ride a bicycle. Was it fun first? NO. It was scary, it was sometimes even painful. But very quickly it turned to be very cool and fun.

It is a great and very good analogy. Same applies to learning probably anything including STEM. It can’t be fun all the time. So why do we need to know this? Because the trending fashionable approach to make everything fun is actually not helping our children. They expect EVERYTHING is fun, it’s entertaining, no hard work required, no efforts.

As parents and educators we aim to raise our children and equip them with skills, skills they need to find solutions, skills required to live, skills required to succeed. And all these requires hard work, ability to concentrate and prioritize, ability to solve problems.

Children are experimenting with smart gadgets they have just coded to measure temperature

RUNSTEM is happy when our students have fun after they complete complex projects in coding and robotics. This kind of fun is a celebration of success and hard work.

Do you agree?

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