Learn how to build and code robots today to lead the future tomorrow.

Learn how to build robots and coding robotics to become the leaders of tomorrow

No one can deny the fact the humanity is moving extremely quickly into a new technological era. More and more jobs are being substituted by robots. So this is why it becomes more and more important to learn robotics. Probably, as important as to learn English or Mathematics.

However, it is not just robotics or coding that may increase the probability of your child success in the future. There are many important soft skills required to lead the future: problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, flexibility and team work. All these skills children learn while participating in RUNSTEM robotics classes and clubs.

Those who are able to understand a problem and find a solution using a technology will definitely find their way in the future. That’s why we focus on teaching children not just building robots and coding them but also thinking how to solve a specific problem using some basic robot’s models and designs.

And think of this. Apple, Facebook and Amazon all started small. But there is a pattern all of them were following. Their founders discovered the problem and found a perfect solution. This is what your kids should learn and what we teach them in a robotics class each week in our robotics clubs:

Chatswood Robotics Club

Concord West Robotics Club

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