🏅 ENROL your CHILD into Term 1 CODING and ROBOTICS class 🏅

Kids meet Robots and Learn how to Code

Robots Programming for kids  
6 years old Yegor is excited to learn how to program a robot. It's easy to start and kids just can't stop exploring every function. Yegor keeps adding more and more complexity to his robot's route. He wants "a robot to accelerate and then rotate and jump like a super hero".
It's so exciting to watch how easily children learn programming. You introduce a task and do it as if you explain the rules of a game. And kids think it's a game and pick up the rules quickly while i clearly understand it's not a game.
This way children can learn even the most complex things. They absorb information very quickly, explore, discover and create.
Children learn programming very quickly as they are not concentrating on programming techniques but rather concentrate on the idea they want to build.