Is learning robotics better than learning how to code?

Robotics or coding classes for kids are both good options to learn STEM

Many parents ask RUNSTEM coding and robotics educators to explain whether robotics is better than just coding or not. So we decided to write this blog to explain how to select the best class for your kid. Many parents want to make the right choice to involve their child from the first day.

Every robotics project we work on at our robotic club involves coding assignments. So it might seem robotics is the best choice as a child learns not only how to code but also how to design and build robots. However, we would suggest to pay attention on a different factor.

Think of your child and if he/she likes building, playing with building blocks, curious about machines and mechanisms or a big fan of robots then you should definitely consider robotics class. Building robots requires and trains patience, attention to details and out of the box thinking skills.

A boy is coding a robot at robotics club RUNSTEM in Sydney inner west

If your child is an idea generator, loves video games and extremely active then coding class might be a better choice. Your child will be able to write a code of his/her own video game and use imagination and creativity as well as apply uncontrollable energy into the process of game design and programming.

Kids are coding games and animations in Scratch programming environment at Sydney coding school RUNSTEM in Ryde

And the third option is to try both options. Don’t be scared to try one thing first and then switch to another. Children need to explore what they like and it is a way to let your kid discover his/her preferences.

If you are still unsure what suits your child best, then ask us and our team will assist you in making the right decision.

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