How Learning Robotics Can Improve Development of Fine Motor Skills?

Robot building process is important for cognitive developing and RUNSTEM teaches robotics to develop fine motor skills as well.

Here at RUNSTEM we work on innovative ways to teach children STEM skills as well as equip them with important soft skills. A huge part of our curriculum is allocated to robotics.

Apart from learning STEM skills, robotics is great for developing fine motor skills. While teaching robotics in the classroom we have realised how many children fail to assemble robots quickly. However, most of our students improve this skill after 2 Terms of classes.

Why should you as a parent or a teacher care about these skills?

There were many studies conducted in this field and today we can be quite sure that fine motor skills are extremely important for proper cognitive development of a child. As for example, there is a correlation between more advanced mathematics achievements and fine motor skills.

Unfortunately, many parents do not know about it and instead of working on both cognitive and motor skills, concentrate on one thing only and it is mathematics. For many children, and especially those who are natural kinesthetics, learning mathematics and coding just sitting at their desk won’t be as efficient as building robots and coding them.

There is also something else you should be aware of. We do not have as much cursive handwriting as we used to have at school before, which impacts the development of fine motor skills. There are many opinions around this topic.

However, while big guys 😊 capture the statistics and learn from experiments on kids, we must take actions and work on improving fine motor skills of our children. Therefore, we believe our robotics programs  could be one if not the best way to fill in this gap to prepare your child for a better future.

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