Future Jobs Part 1 : What jobs will your children have in the nearest future?

Skills for Future Jobs for Children at  RUNSTEM STEM School

Your child attends a school. Great! You are planning to send him/her to study at university or college. Perfect! But will it guarantee them a bright future? Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple and in most of cases the answer is NO. Schools and universities education in a form they exist today can not guarantee your child a job and a position in a society because the world is changing much faster than the education system.

Let’s have a look at some of the jobs of the future and if you try to Google for university degrees to equip your child with the required knowledge and skills we can bet you will fail to find anything.

Construction: 3D printing designer in construction. This profession will require knowledge of architecture, robotics, working with 3D models and designing houses which will be printed out not build. 3D printing designers will have to take into account different types of materials as well as robots 3D printers models.

3D printed house designer at RUNSTEM STEM School

Education: Mind trainer. This job will require understanding neuroscience as well as being able to use programmable devices that read brain activity. Mind trainer will be creating your personalised programs and assign you a personalised tasked basked and artificial intelligence analyses done performed on your personal profile.

Mind training instructor profession at RUNSTEM STEM School

Robotics: Robot-nanny designer. This profession will require knowledge in multiple spheres including robotics and robots programming, human-machine interaction as well as children behavioural psychology.

Robot Assistant build by RUNSTEM STEM school student

Tourism and entertainment: Hotel robot manager. There will be robots servicing hotels in the nearest future, so instead of managing people who work in a hotel there will be a manager who will be managing robots. This profession will require robots coding and robotics engineering skills, ability to reprogram robots quickly as well as being able to upgrade and adjust robots when required.

There are many more jobs that can be added to this list which you could never think of. But the most important question you should ask yourself is: What are the skills my kids should learn and focus on in order to become successful in 15-20 years?

We are going to try to answer this question in our next blog on Future Jobs.

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