Cool Book For Children To Learn Coding

Cool book to teach how to code
It is a Book Week and I would like to advise a good series of books to read if you would like to help your child with learning coding, robotics and logical thinking.
There are so many STEAM books available today and I know a really good one. The name of a series is “Secret Coders”. I came across this series occasionally and loved it a lot. But why this book?
The book is great to read and kids never get bored because it is a graphic novel. It is educational book and at the same time it is very entertaining and engaging. I have read many positive feedback even from parents of 5 years olds and they were happy because their kids were very interested and involved while reading it together.
The book is not a classical coding book for kids. The author aimed to teach kids logical thinking, diversity, flexibility and breaking complex problems into a smaller and simpler. So the book contains logical puzzles and problems to solve and challenges to develop important computer science and thinking skills.
I hope you enjoyed my overview and I hope you will enjoy the book.

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