5 Major Technology Trends in Modern Education

This is a series of short videos captured at Sydney Game Engine Developers (Sydney, Australia) Event hosted by Wargaming. RUNSTEM Educator and Co-Founder Andrei will speak about Education Gamification. In the first video, Andrei gives and overview of technology trends in Educuation: Cloud, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Analytics and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Gamification.


Cloud is used to store and access information and courses online from anywhere and anytime. What you need to learn is internet and time.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) is the next important trend. Humans learn best from experience and VR/AR are all about experiencing not just reading. Imagine how easily you may learn about space and stars if you are in observatory. This is what you can easily achieve by simply putting on a headset on. What you need to learn using VR/AR is a mobile phone and headset which can be as cheap as 2-5 dollars.

Analytics and Big Data helps us to collect information on our learning experience and work out better personalized strategies of learning and teaching things.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may soon substitute or take a huge amount of work teachers are doing today. Robots equipped with AI can be much more efficient in assisting us learning and discovering new things. However, this is not the way it should be to become the ideal model. We need teachers to turn into mentors and teach children soft skills as well as guide and support them as they learn and grow.

Gamification is very important trend in education today because it changes the whole way we learn and teach. It adds context to a learning process and changes the way we are being motivated. It removes lots of psychological blocks as playing games is a very effective way to learn more complex things faster and easier.

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