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30th anniversary of World Wide Web: more reasons to learn coding for kids or build robots

Today is the 30th anniversary of World Wide Web.

We believe it was one of the most impactful inventions of the 20th century. By the way, the invention of WWW was sort of an occasional thing and the way it was supposed to be used first was very different from the way we use it these days.

You may read a little bit more about the history of world wide web here

We think that 30 years is a baby age for WWW. We believe it will grow, mature, transform and allow us many things:

  1. Control robots at the speed of thought
  2. Transfer information anywhere
  3. We hope it will connect even more people
  4. It will make education more accessible
  5. It will change the way we exchange the value (no money anymore)

To be prepared we should be able to speak the language of www. And it is programming. That’s one of the reasons why learning coding for kids is so important. It is also important to learn how to apply these knowledge and as for us the best way is to learn robotics as robotics for kids combines both coding and building robots.

Tell you child about WWW and inspire her/him to learn STEM. World Wide Web did not exist 30 years ago and today we can’t believe it and it seems like it existed forever.

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