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Learn how to build and code robots today to lead the future tomorrow.

Learn how to build robots and coding robotics to become the leaders of tomorrow
No one can deny the fact the humanity is moving extremely quickly into a new technological era. More and more jobs are being substituted by robots...

Design thinking in a robotics class.

RUNSTEM Robotics Class where students learn how to design a robot
Design thinking is a buzz word these days. So what you as a parent should know about it and how it is related to RUNSTEM robotics school classes. ...

Robotics and Coding for Kids: side effects of learning robotics.

Coding and robotics classes for girls at RUNSTEM programming and robotics STEM school
When we think about benefits of learning robotics coding for kids or coding robots we probably think kids will only learn how to build and code ro...

What are robotics competitions all about?

Robotics competitions for primary school present soccer robots discipline
Our parents and grandparents could not imagine the world we would live in. Robots are going to replace over 2 billion humans over the next decade....

What is a robotics club and why your child should join one?

What is a robotics club and why your child should join one?
Robotics club is a place where school aged children, interested in robotics and STEM education, may gather in order to learn robotics, exchange th...

Why RUNSTEM school can be proud of black hole image news?

Black hole image we showed students at robotics and coding school
“One day this boy and girl will invent something and I would be proud I was teaching her or him to code and build robots. I do not think of what we are doing as a standalone thing. We plant the seeds today to grow them tomorrow. Let’s give them time and they will grow and impress us”.

Is it easy to code a robot?

A boy is coding a robot in RUNSTEM Robotics Class in Sydney
There is no simple answer to this question. If you have some experience and understand how robots work than yes it is not that complex to code a ro...

How do we design robots at RUNSTEM?

RUNSTEM Robotics class where students learn how to design and build a robot
When someone says a “ROBOT” you probably think of a human alike machine like in “Terminator”, “Robocop” or “Transformers” movies. However, most of ...

30th anniversary of World Wide Web: more reasons to learn coding for kids or build robots

Coding and Robotics school for kids celebrates WWW 30th anniversary
Today is the 30th anniversary of World Wide Web. We believe it was one of the most impactful inventions of the 20th century. By the way, the invent...

Where can a parent check when school holidays start in NSW?

Robots fight for the ball at the soccer robotics school holidays camp
Many parents ask RUNSTEM when school holidays start. There are also so many questions when the school term ends and starts. We understand you wan...

Where do we use robots?

Where do we use robots?
Actually, there are so many applications of robots and robotics. It can be a robotics toy or a very complex robot performing very sophisticated st...

How robotics classes can improve maths skills via cool maths games?

RUNSTEM robotics classes for kids may improve your mathematical and logical thinking
Most parents think most kids who attend our robotics class should have a very strong mathematical and logical skills. However, it is only partiall...