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Weekly Robotics Classes for kids and Teens 🤖

🏖️ 3-12 October School Holidays Code and Robotics Camps 2018 in 🏫Concord West and 🏢 Chatswood

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Skills for Future Jobs for Children at  RUNSTEM STEM School

Future Jobs Part 1 : What jobs will your children have in the nearest future?

Your child attends a school. Great! You are planning to send him/her to study at university or college. Perfect! But will it guarantee them a bright future? Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple and in most of cases the answer is NO. Schools and universities education in a form they exist today can not guarantee your child a job and a position in a society because the world is changing much faster than the education system.
RUNSTEM  robotics STEM school partners with ROBOROBO and builds over 300 robots

RUNSTEM Spring School Holidays Camps broke the record - over 300 ROBOTS built and coded!!!

We are happy to announce great and very impressive news! Students who took part in RUNSTEM spring robotics school holidays programmes have built a...
Can learning STEM be fun?

Can learning STEM be fun?

I have been thinking whether to publish this blog or not. And if you are reading it, then it means I made decision to publish it and share these thoughts with you.

Can learning STEM be fun? Can learning robotics, coding, mathematics, engineering or technology be fun?