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🏖️ 9-20 JULY School Holidays Code and Robotics Camps 2018 in 🏫Concord West and 🏢 Chatswood

💡 RUNSTEM STEM coding and robotics Clubs 💡

RUNSTEM Clubs aim to inspire and equip children with real knowledge, teach them think independently not just blindly follow instructions. We teach create and solve problems using coding, robotics, electronics and other STEM skills. If you care about your child's future, then RUNSTEM is the right place to come to get ready for the new digital era. Join our club today. RUNSTEM RUNS STEM so lets RUN STEM together.     

About RUNSTEM Coding and Robotics STEM School classes

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At RUNSTEM coding class children learn coding games, animations and application

What is the best way to teach a child coding? 💻

So, you have probably heard coding today is like a second language everyone on this planet will have to know by 2025 to get a job and succeed in life. However, still most of jobs do not require to know how to code. So, many parents do not know coding but they would like to teach their kids this important skill.
Why mixing programming, electronics and robotics is beneficial for students?

Why mixing programming, electronics and robotics is beneficial for students?

At RUNSTEM we constantly mix different technologies and introduce them to our students. We believe it's beneficial and efficient learning approach.
Which is better for my kid: to learn coding or learn robotics?

Is learning robotics better than learning how to code?

Many parents ask RUNSTEM coding and robotics educators to explain whether robotics is better than just coding or not. So we decided to write this blog to explain how to select the best class for your kid. Many parents want to make the right choice to involve their child from the first day. And we are happy to advise on the factors to consider when making the right choice. :)