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What is a robotics club and why your child should join one?

What is a robotics club and why your child should join one?

Robotics club is a place where school aged children, interested in robotics and STEM education, may gather in order to learn robotics, exchange th...
Black hole image we showed students at robotics and coding school

Why RUNSTEM school can be proud of black hole image news?

“One day this boy and girl will invent something and I would be proud I was teaching her or him to code and build robots. I do not think of what we are doing as a standalone thing. We plant the seeds today to grow them tomorrow. Let’s give them time and they will grow and impress us”.
A boy is coding a robot in RUNSTEM Robotics Class in Sydney

Is it easy to code a robot?

There is no simple answer to this question. If you have some experience and understand how robots work than yes it is not that complex to code a ro...