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RUNSTEM Coding and Robotics Classes for Children

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School Holidays Code and Robotics Summer Camp 22-25 January 🏖️

Weekly Robotics Classes for kids and Teens 🤖

💡 RUNSTEM STEM coding and robotics Clubs 💡

RUNSTEM Clubs aim to inspire and equip children with real knowledge, teach them think independently not just blindly follow instructions. We teach create and solve problems using coding, robotics, electronics and other STEM skills. If you care about your child's future, then RUNSTEM is the right place to come to get ready for the new digital era. Join our club today. RUNSTEM RUNS STEM so lets RUN STEM together.     

About RUNSTEM Coding and Robotics STEM School classes

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RUNSTEM runs afordable classes and teaches kids how to program games and build robots

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  Have you ever heard about Elon Musk’s school Ad Astra? He decided to open a school for his kids as he was not happy with the way children were t...
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RUNSTEM shares a book about how to learn coding and have fun

Cool Book For Children To Learn Coding